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This page describes the usage options of SymDiff for Change-Semantic Aware Change-Impact Analysis.

To run DCIA without any equivalence relations:
Dependency.exe v2.bpl /taint:changed_lines.txt /prune

To run SymDiff to infer equivalence relations:
runsymdiffbpl.cmd v1 v2, /rvt /opts:" -usemutual -asserts -checkEquivWithDependencies -freeContracts -dacEncodingLinear -dacConsiderChangedProcOnly" /changedLines

To run SymDiff to infer equivalence relations only up to level k around the changed procedure:
runsymdiffbpl.cmd v1 v2 /rvt /opts:" -usemutual -asserts -checkEquivWithDependencies -freeContracts -dacEncodingLinear -dacConsiderChangedProcsUptoDistance:k" /changedLines /annDep

To run SEM-DCIA using the inferred equivalences:
Dependency.exe v2.bpl /taint:changedlines.txt /dacMerged:mergedProgSingle_inferred.bpl /prune

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