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  • Download and build Boogie The binaries are placed in <boogie-dir>\Binaries directory.
    • The compatible Boogie version is maintained in references\BoogieRev.txt
  • Run references\updateboogie.bat <boogie-dir>\binaries
  • (Optional) Download and build Corral Let the top-level directory be <corral-root>
    • The compatible Corral version is maintained in references\CorralRev.txt
  • (Optional) Run references\updatecorral.bat <corral-root>
  • Install Z3 binaries
    • Copy Z3.exe (>= version 4.1) into the references\, bin\x86\debug (symdiff) and {dependency, rootcause}\bin\debug\ //TODO: keep in a centralized area
    • Z3 4.1 is currently needed for Rootcause. //TODO: fix prover errors related to 'relax_0' variables


  • Clone a copy of the source code
  • Open SymDiff.sln in Visual Studio 2013 and build "Debug" version
  • Run scripts\setup.cmd
  • The SymDiff binary is located under symdiff\bin\x86\Debug\SymDiff.exe
  • The Dependency binary is located under dependency\bin\Debug\dependency.exe

Run regressions

  • Go to symdiff\test\ directory
  • Run run_regressions.cmd -c
    • Corral regressions will fail unless Corral is installed





C front end (preliminary)

C Front End

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