This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.
This is mostly a preliminary placeholder for running the new SymDiff dlls with C front end. The instructions will be cleaned up to use the latest C front end dlls soon.
  • Download and install (existing) SymDiff binaries for C front end from SymDiff Binary into a directory (e.g. c:\symdiff_binaries)
  • Make sure that examples run with the downloaded binary (e.g. examples\ex3)
    • Note that the makefile needs to have the line /analyze:plugin $(HAVOC_DLL_DIR)\EspFe.dll /analyze:log d.xml as argument (see examples\ex3\v1\makefile)
  • Go to the directory where SymDiff Codeplex sources are installed (e.g. c:\symdiff_codeplex\symdiff)
  • Run scripts\update_symdiff_components.bat c:\symdiff_binaries\symdiff
    • This step will copy the dlls and scripts required to compile C files to BPL files
  • Run c:\symdiff_codeplex\symdiff\scripts\run_symdiff_c.cmd

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