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  • Run SymDiff.exe without any options to see the usage. Run SymDiff.exe option to see more details of each option (e.g. SymDiff.exe -allInOne)

Using run_symdiff_bpl.cmd script

Running SymDiff.exe involves several other setup steps such (a) extracting loops as procedures or unrolling them, (b) generating a mapping between two bpl files, (c) running taint analysis (optional), (d) running Boogie.exe to perform contract inference etc. The helper script scripts\run_symdiff_bpl.cmd automates many of these tasks. Run scripts\run_symdiff_bpl.cmd without any arguments to see the various options.
  • symdiff\test\run_regressions.cmd has the most updated usage of run_symdiff_bpl.cmd script

Here are some common usage scenarios. In all cases, we assume that we have two bpl files v1.bpl and v2.bpl.
  • Basic symdiff.exe (modular) to check for equivalence modularly
    • run_symdiff_bpl.cmd v1 v2_ [options]
  • Nonmodular. This option performs bounded equivalence verification by unrolling loops and recursion upto recursionDepth flag. It only compares root procedures that have no callers (there can be multiple roots). The (optional) splitOutputEqualities produces as many counterexamples as many output variables that differ, and (optional) outvar allows comparing outputs matching the pattern.
    • run_symdiff_bpl v1 v2 /rvt /opts:" -nonmodular -recursionDepth:3 -splitOutputEqualities -outvar:\"control\" "
    • findstr /C:"Verifier" v1v2.log //shows procedures and number of outputs that differ
  • Perform equivalence checking using DAC (FSE'13) encoding (usemutual flag). This is sound for loops and recursion.
    • run_symdiff_bpl v1 v2 /rvt /opts:" -usemutual -checkEquivWithDependencies -freeContracts "
    • findstr /C:"_houdini" v1v2.log
  • Perform Differential Assertion Checking using DAC and Houdini (FSE'13) encoding (usemutual flag). This is sound for loops and recursion.
    • run_symdiff_bpl v1 v2 /rvt /opts:" -usemutual -asserts -freeContracts "
    • findstr /C:"Houdini finished" v1v2.log
  • Checking mutual summary specifications using DAC and predicate abstraction
    • Follow instructions in test\resilience\approx_feb_2015\README_absHoudini
  • Using Corral. This option performs bounded verification by invoking Corral, after performing DAC (FSE'13) encoding (usemutual flag). It requires a single root procedure, usually main.
    • run_symdiff_bpl.cmd v1 v2 /rvt /opts:" -usemutual -checkEquivWithDependencies -freeContracts -callCorralOnMergedProgram "
    • findstr /C:"Checking True bugs" v1v2.log //shows which variables differ
  • Taint analysis based pruning. Many of these options can be combined with a static analysis (in dependency.exe) that can perform static taint analysis to remove checks for variables that are not affected by the (syntactic) change. Here is how one of the options is extended. We assume two text files v1_changed_lines.txt and v2_changed_lines.txt that specify that changes in v1 with respect to v2 and vice versa.
    • run_symdiff_bpl.cmd v1 v2 /rvt /opts:" -usemutual -checkEquivWithDependencies -freeContracts " /abstractNonTainted:"[v1_changed_lines.txt v2_changed_lines.txt]"
    • findstr /C:"_houdini" v1v2.log
      • We often pass v2\changed_lines.txt for both v1_changed_lines.txt and v2_changed_lines.txt, if they contain the same lines modified in v1 and v2.

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